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Elite Standard

Who We Are

The Elite Standard is an organization designed to help motivate and coach people to be the best version of themselves regardless of the hands they were dealt. We take an aggressive approach to executing and accomplishing goals NO EXCUSES! Through our own experiences and impressive track record, we aim to help you become ELITE!

Meet The Founder

Acie McMillan

Early Life
Born and raised on the west side of Detroit Michigan, Acie was the oldest of 3. He grew up in a single parent home with just his mother and siblings. Acie was always a bright kid but like many of the nations urban/minority kids he had to deal with his fair share of hardships.
After being homeless, Acie and his family moved to Trenton, New Jersey. After overcoming unbelievable circumstances, Acie eventually graduated from Trenton Central High School and decided to further his education at Michigan State University.
Acie attended Michigan State University from 2009-2013 earning a bachelor in Supply Chain Management from the Eli Broad College of Business. During his stint at Michigan State Acie worked 30 hours of week in addition to studying full time and being involved in the very popular business organization MBP.
It didn’t take long for Michigan State Faculty to realize that Acie was gifted. He took leadership roles in class projects, his on campus job, and even in his business organization. He later realized that he was very influential and had a keen ability to speak in a motivational tone and it would actually help people.
Acie began to do several speaking engagements. He has spoken to groups of all levels including being invited to speak at the Advantage which was a program at Michigan State designed to give “disadvantaged” students an advantage in college and was led by internationally known speaker: Dr. Eric “ET” Thomas.
Life After College
Acie would go on to graduate from Michigan State in the spring of 2013 with his business degree. Since then he has worked in the Supply Chain field gaining extensive knowledge and earning promotions through high level performance.
After re-realizing his gift Acie has launched new company “The Elite Standard” geared towards helping motivate people along with personal and professional development. Acie looks to use his knowledge and experience to help others become ELITE!

Ready To Be Elite?

The Elite Standard offers motivational speaking on a multitude of different topics. With first hand experience, the Elite Standard can help keep you motivated through any situation.